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To optimize your process with efficiency and reliability in mind, we offer pump controls & reliability monitoring solutions to keep your process running

     ITT Goulds PumpSmart incorporates pump design and control technology into an industrial grade variable frequency drive for maximum process control and pump protection.

ITT Goulds PumpSmart


PumpSmart offers:

  • Sensorless flow control & monitoring of flow rate
  • Variable speed control for constant pressure, level, temperature, and flow rate
  • Pre-programmed pump protection from dead-head, dry run, and run-out conditions
  • Balanced flow logic for multi-pump systems
  • Reduced energy consumption required to maintain process variable with calculated energy savings displayed

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ITT Goulds ProSmart™ is a multi-patented, low cost, wireless predictive condition monitoring system for rotating equipment that provides continuous monitoring of vibration, temperature, and other data alerting operators to alarm conditions via email or telephone.

ITT Goulds ProSmart™


ProSmart offers:

  • Predictive - Historical trends, FFTs, and band alarms provide the tools for a predictive maintenance program
  • Cost effective - System cost is comparable to a walk around program and costs much less than traditional online condition monitoring systems
  • Automatic - Collects, sorts, and analyzes data at the machine without human intervention
  • Continuous - Monitors data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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