Edelmann & Associates, Inc.

About Edelmann & Associates, Inc. - Located In Minneapolis, Minnesota and Minot, North Dakota

Our mission at Edelmann & Associates, Inc. is to provide your company with reliable liquid handling solutions that improve your bottom line and help you solve problems. We represent many of the leading manufacturers in the pump industry whose foundation is built upon producing quality products, innovation, and providing solutions to process handling needs.

Our Company History

Edelmann & Associates, Inc. was founded over 50 years ago by Lawrence Edelmann. After serving in World War II and the Korean War, Lawrence Edelmann returned to the US to finish a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He was interested in engineering after serving in the Army Corps of Engineers and becoming a second Lieutenant.  His work in the Petroleum Industry and with Power Equipment led him to start Edelmann & Associates in 1963. Lawrence’s son, Mark joined the company in 1975 as the first inside sales person, bringing the total staff to four full-time employees.  In 1988, Mark Edelmann acquired the company from his father, and streamlined the services to focus on pumps.  We opened a second location in Minot, ND in 2012 to better serve our customers in the Bakken Oilfields.  In 2013 we celebrated our 50th year in business.  Throughout all this time, Edelmann & Associates, Inc. remains committed to providing the fundamental services and products that our customers have come to rely on:

  • Quality Products - Goulds, Viking, Liquiflo, Wilden, Xylem, Neptune, Seepex, and many more!
  • High Levels of Personal Service - When you call us, you talk to a person who can help you get what you need.
  • Extensive Inventory of Pumps & Parts - We understand the importance of having the right pumps and parts on the shelf.
  • Product Knowledge - Our focus on pumps allows our sales team to understand our products' capabilities to help you get the right pump.
  • Experienced Staff - Our sales team has many years of cumulative experience in the industry.
  • Application Experience - Our experienced team can help make the best pump recommendation for your difficult applications.
  • Service & Repair Capabilities - We will service/repair most industrial/commercial pumps at both locations and in the field.
  • Technical/Troubleshooting Support - Over the phone or in person, we will help solve your problem to get your process running again.
  • Long-term relationships with the leading Manufacturers - Many of our vendor relationships span 30, 40 and even 50 years.

Edelmann distribution headquarters